Driver's License/Photo ID Instant Services:
  • Driver License Renewal
  • Driver License Duplicate/Replacement
  • Driver License Address Change
  • Photo ID Card Renewal
  • Photo ID Address Change
  • Basic Non-Commercial Driving Records
  • 3 -Year Driving Records
  • 10 – Year Driving Records
  • Full Driver Records (new service feature)
  • Posting of Restoration Fee and Proof of Insurance for Driver License Suspensions
  • Restoration Requirements Letter
  • “A” Stop Removal – returned check processing – (coming soon)
Vehicle Instant Services:
  • Duplicate Title
  • Retired Status Vehicle Registration Renewals
  • Vehicle Registration Renewals
  • Vehicle Registration Replacements
  • Vehicle Registration Address Changes
  • Transfer of Registration Plates
  • Heavy Truck Registration
  • Reconstructed Vehicle Titling and Registration
  • Insurance Restorations – “F” Stop Removal
  • Request for Vehicle Information
  • Issuance of Special Funds Plates – DARE, Tiger etc.
  • Issuance of In-Transit Tags (new Electronic Tracking System)
  • Issuance of Person w Disability Plate
  • Issuance of Person w Disability Placard (coming soon)
  • Farm Vehide Decals and Plates (coming soon)
  • “A” Stop Removal – returned check processing – (coming soon)
Vehicle Ownership - Instant Transfers:
  • Title Transfer and Registration – we offer immediate title transfers and issuance of registration materials including plate, registration card and registration sticker. Titles are received by Owner or Lien-holder in as quickly as ten business days.
  • New PA Residents – Registration Services
Messenger Services: daily service to/from Harrisburg:
  • CDL Learners Permits
  • CDL Renewals
  • CDL Classification Changes
  • New Pa. Resident – Vehicle Registration Services, including Lienholder Title Acquisition Request
  • Name change – Drivers License
  • Name change – Vehicle Registration
  • Salvage Titles
  • Personalized Plates
  • Antique Titling and Plates
  • Classic titling and Plates
  • Surrender of Plate for Insurance or Suspension Purposes
  • Birth Certificates
Apportioned Services - Temporary Authority Agent:
  • Apportioned Registrations – New Account Application. Jurisdiction Changes
  • Apportioned Registration – Invoices, Renewals, Addition/Deletion of Vehicles
  • Apportioned Registration – Duplicate/Replacement Credentials
  • 60 Day Temporary Authorizations – Commercial Vehicles
  • Fleet Renewals/Duplicates/Replacements – (coming soon)
Fish & Boat Commission Authorized Transfer Agent:
  • Boat Ownership Transfers and Registration Service – we immediately issue registration and
    ownership documents so you may begin enjoying your Watercraft.
  • Instant Registration Renewals – 2 year expiration
DCNR - ATV/Snowmobile Authorized Transfer Agent:
  • Transfer of Ownership and Registration Service – we issue documents so you may begin using your ATV or Sled immediately.
Notary Services:
  • Notary Service is available in all Offices during normal Business hours.
Pack & Mail Services - Hazleton Location:
  • UPS and Fed Ex.
Fax Services:
  • Incoming and outgoing fax services.
(State and Service Fees Apply)